Session Services

In Studio & Live Guitar

Looking for a session guitarist for your next EP or album? You’re on the right page!

Since graduating from Sussex University in July 2015, I’ve gained experience as a studio session guitarist in Brighton with some work in Somerset and London too. Whilst I specialise in Blues and Folk guitar, I have recorded for Pop, Country, and singer/songwriter artists as well. I always enjoy the challenge of working with different musical styles and the cross-genre conversations which ultimately lead to creating something original.

In addition to studio sessions, I also accompany solo musicians and perform with bands live. So if you’re recording or gigging and need a session guitarist, get in touch at We can discuss your project and I’ll give you a quote.

Slide Against The Machine.

Over the course of my career as a guitarist, I have studied fingerpicking and plectrum techniques, but slide guitar is a growing obsession for me. Slide is versatile. Whether it holds the main melody of a song or provides more of an ambient accompaniment, I’ve found it sits beautifully in the mix for most styles of music.

Slide guitar can sound raw and aggressive, it can sound smooth, heart-achingly slow, and everything in between. It’s emotive. I believe this is why it’s so hard to replicate slide on a computer. Sure it’s slide, but it’s also sh*t. Much of the feel that makes slide guitar so appealing is in the vibrato and the way the player accents the notes according to the mood of the song. The great Blues slide player Roy Rogers (No not the singing cowboy!) once said that slide without vibrato has “about as much feeling as a wet noodle”. That’s putting it diplomatically if you ask me.

So if the Logic samples for slide just aren’t doing it for you, get in touch and we can have a chat about how you want slide guitar to feature in your music.


Written a load of lyrics but can’t figure out how to best set them to music? Or maybe you have an idea for a song/selections of songs but can’t get the writing process started.

Similar to my session work, I bring my compositional experience in Blues, Folk, and Jazz-Blues to your project. I’ve often found this to be very helpful in writing songs for artists who want to produce something that sounds different from the mainstream.

I work with artists both in person and via Skype depending on distances and if you’re planning to record.

A typical project might involve sending me your lyrics and/or ideas to however many songs you want to produce. I’ll then compose music to fit your lyrics and concept. We’ll check in on Skype together regularly during the process to discuss how the songs are taking shape.

Send me an email: and we’ll start realising your songs!