This song came about in response to one of my favourite Blues ‘floating verses’ – “Let me be your sidetrack, ’til your mainline comes, I believe I could ride you better than your mainline ever done.” – No beating about the bush there!

Many of these verses are inspired by traditional Blues songs like ‘Ragged & Dirty’, ‘Easy Rider’, ‘Ham Hound Crave’, even the little bridge/middle 8 starts with some words from Blind Willie McTell’s ‘Scarey Day Blues’. This is the music that first got me going and playing as a kid and it continues to inspire me.

My guitar arrangement for this song is very inspired by New Orleans pianists like Allen Toussaint, Jelly Roll Morton, and Dr John. As I can’t play piano like the honky tonk and boogie woogie masters, I’ve tried to imitate those unmistakably New Orleans turns and trills with the back of my thumb!